The Simply Tailored Portraits

Our portrait sessions were created in order to show the beauty that a woman has that she sometimes seems to forget. Every woman is beautiful in her own right regardless of age, height, size, ethnicity, ETC. they just need a little direction in order to see it, we provide that direction coupled with  a beautiful makeup and hair session beforehand in order to showcase that beauty in front of the camera. Woman be it mothers, sisters, daughters, best friends, most have busy lives in their own right and can find it hard to go out and feel beautiful and happy with themselves. Not everyone is a “super model” or a magazine “cover girl”! THAT IS NOT WHO WE WANT! We want the stay at home mom who spends all day looking after her children and doesn’t feel appreciated and beautiful. We want the business professional who spends long hours working hard on her career that may have forgotten what it’s like to feel beautiful. We want the everyday woman who has the ability to look so beautiful although she may not believe it due to media and magazines! Simply Tailored Photography is just that, an experience where we celebrate the beauty in everyday woman. Giving back to the women who spend their lives making other people happy and not feeling like that photo in a magazine. We want to show you that you ARE in fact just as beautiful and deserve to be celebrated!

Make it the perfect girls day out, come get your hair and makeup done by one of our hair and makeup artists, followed by a beautiful photo session. Finish your day off by painting the town red in that little black dress or whichever dress it is that you fancy, just go out and celebrate yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!