Face Posing 101


Many people that come in and shoot with us have never posed in front of a camera before. As    such they are timid and very stiff when they are asked to pose. One of the posing areas that most have issues with is face posing, after your body is set and posed what do you do with your face? SIMPLE. Remember learning your vowels as a kid in school? THAT is what you do, spend 10 minutes in front of a mirror and see the results of what happens to your face and facial features through each letter.

You can associate almost every pose you can imagine with one of the vowels in the english language. At first it seem strange and weird and you will find it hard to do seriously. However once you get accustomed to saying them and feel confident doing so, the results you will get in your photos will be like night and day.

So get out there and have fun with it! Shoots are meant to be fun and exciting! So remember, the next time you are at a loss for face poses, bust out those vowels and watch your face shine!


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    Hey Birthday Gi#;vWe&r8217l!e been thinking about you guys all week and ESPECIALLY today! So sorry to hear the tummy had a rough go of it but we’re jazzed she could keep some cake down. We love you guys…Go Warrior Team Go!Huge hugs,Sarah & Bert