Learn To Edit Your Photos Like A PRO

Creating the perfect photo always begins with taking the initial photo. Having an eye to capture a great photo is essential in this day in age where anyone and everyone has access to affordable pro-sumer cameras, and with the advance of cell phones everyone is taking part. what else will set your work from someone else will be your final product which in most cases requires a bit of post production touch ups. below are some of the resource we like to refer to and watch from time to time to broaden our use of photoshop and lightroom.

Manniphoto – Youtube

Manniphoto creates and published videos that provide tips and tricks to use with photoshop, lightroom, bridge and other photography resources. Take a look through his channel, you are bound to find something of value in his videos.


Andrei Oprinca – Youtube

Andrei is the creator of PSD Box and in this channel he uploads all his Photoshop video tutorials along. He publishes videos in both English and Spanish but to make it easier he puts the spanish version videos on a separate playlist which you can find on his videos page on youtube. He has some great stuff on creative manipulations and edits of that nature. He provides both free and paid videos for his users. Premium videos giving subscribers access to presets, PSD files, and other goodies he uses in his tutorials for users to try it out for themselves.


BakaArts – Youtube

Darius made this channel to help people learn what there is to digital art and how to create it in really easy and simple steps.For all those who are new to it, this is a great resource to learn the ropes and features of some really cool techniques used to create some pretty neat images.

* Feature photo by: Andrei Oprinca – www.psdbox.com