At SIMPLY TAILORED we have one mission; To create images that are tailored to our clients needs. Everything from style, design, and pricing is all about the client. we provide you with what you NEED. As a team we have over 5 years experience shooting for a wide range of clients and events, and have been published numerous times. We offer comprehensive packages and pricing for:


Your wedding will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life and the first part of your story together as a couple. Your photos will capture all the moments of this amazing day from the moment you wake up to your first dance as a couple. Set an appointment to meet with us and include us in your journey.

For packages and prices send us an Email. If you don’t see something that exactly suits your needs, let us know and we can customize something just for you. Ideal booking 6 – 12 months in advance. Click below to view some samples.



We offer a range of fashion forward photos, everything from runway, editorials, commercial and creatives. We love to work with different people and take the creative and imaginative process to the next level. Let us know what you’re vision is and we will make it come true. Packages vary depending on the scope of the vision and other factors. Please visit our About Us page and tell us what your looking for, we will be happy to meet! Click below for samples:



Event photography is available to help you preserve your memories of any special occasions in you life, birthday, bat/bar-mitzvah, special parties and family events. Nothing is too big or small to celebrate with timeless photos. Our event photography includes candid and posed photos; these include location photos, decor, food, cards, presents, etc and people. Posed photos are taken as directed. Speak with us about what your looking for during your next event, just visit our about us section and email us.


We strive to deliver quality photography that reflects the high standards of your own products and services including e-commerce, product photography, food photography and any other business needs. In any industry no two services or products are exactly the same; therefore, with our commercial photography no single package is the same. We will tailor your package to your individual needs, simply tailoring it to you and your business. Visit our About Us section to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.